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Our Mission

Ceebees utilizes in-depth research and constant innovation to develop and manufacture 100% gluten-free food products that taste great while offering adults and children alike the nutritional benefits they need to lead healthy, fulfilled, gluten-free lifestyles.

About Ceebees

When my husband and I first became aware of our daughter's gluten allergy, our main goal was ensuring she still received the nutritious and delicious food she needed in order to continue leading a healthy life. However, finding gluten-free alternatives that were both nutritional and enjoyable proved difficult.

Following her diagnosis, our once carefree and fun-loving little girl grew frustrated, and she frequently complained of feeling hungry and left out at family dinners, school lunches, and friends' birthday parties. Watching our daughter struggle each day made us realize just how badly people who suffer from gluten allergies were in need of convenient gluten-free dining alternatives that don't skimp on delectability.

And So Ceebees Was Born

I count myself lucky to have inherited some of my mother's superb cooking abilities, and I applied my knack for creative culinary invention to begin developing Ceebees' initial line of gluten-free products. The line proved to be both nourishing and scrumptious, so I set out to see what else I could come up with.

As I continued creating a range of gluten-free options for our daughter, I watched her daily life and attitude transform before my eyes! She was once again the smiling, lively child she always deserved to be. Seeing the joy my gluten-free cooking could bring to our own family, my husband began lending his managerial skills to the endeavor, and together we set out to spread this happiness to other families and individuals confronted with similar dietary restrictions.

Every Ceebees product is still developed with the idealism and perfectionism that lead to the creation of our first pizza pie. Now, with a fast growing selection of products ranging from savory dinner options to sweet-tooth-enticing desserts, Ceebees is on track to become a first-class trendsetter for the American gluten-free food industry. The full line of Ceebees products is available to wholesalers, retailers, foodservice companies, and individual consumers alike. Please reach out via the contact information below for more details.

Best wishes,
Shai & Bas Brez

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